Our Key Features

  • Email network protection – inside and out
  • Comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-manage email security
  • Real-time visibility, analysis, and control

Industries Served

Mailgate SC is well-known for providing premier email security solutions for these industries and is a valuable solution for security-focused organizations in any vertical.


  • Healthcare companies rely on MailGate to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Challenge:

    How can healthcare companies keep sensitive healthcare data protected while ensuring seamless and efficient communication with stakeholders, such as doctors, pharmacies, dentists, and insurance agents?
  • With MailGate:

    All incoming messages are scanned by MailGate to protect from cyber threats. Additionally, rules-driven screening is used to gain full control of sensitive healthcare data flow from outbound emails, strengthening the company’s compliance posture. For its most sensitive data, organizations harness MailGate’s E2E (end-to-end) encryption to keep patients’ information secure.

Financial Services

  • Financial services companies create the business rules for efficient and secure inbound and outbound communication
  • Challenge:

    With agents, customers, and administrative personnel depending on email to exchange data, how can financial services companies keep the network secure and guarantee that Private Personal Information is protected?
  • With MailGate:

    MailGate is the first line of defense for all inbound and outbound email. MailGate can be setup to exhaust all possible encryption mechanisms (S/MIME, TLS). If the recipient does not support any of them, MailGate can automatically create an escrow secure mailbox for the recipient, changing the protocol to ensure encryption is always in place in order to protect its users and mitigate regulatory risk.


  • Government agencies use MailGate to ensure secure email communications, encrypting data at all costs where encrypted channel (TLS) is insufficient.
  • Challenge:

    Operating in a secure closed environment, how can a government agency communicate in an encrypted manner, while ensuring data within the message does not breach Security Policy?
  • With MailGate:

    MailGate's Policy Engine provides an out-of-the-box capability which allows for the inspection of E2E S/MIME encrypted messages, without compromising the encryption. In this way, if the S/MIME encrypted message contains restricted information, the message will be diverted for further determination by the Security Administrators.


  • Legal organizations use MailGate to protect sensitive information and ensure encryption while operating.
  • Challenge:

    Keeping sensitive data secure is crucial. How can legal organizations achieve this goal without adding friction to its communications processes?
  • With MailGate:

    With MailGate’s automated Policy Engine and Secure Collaboration, legal organizations can filter sensitive information from outbound messages sent by its stakeholders, helping to ensure sensitive data is protected 24/7, whether it’s at rest or in transit.

Manufacturing, Retail, & Transportation

  • Manufacturing, retail, and transportation companies rely on MailGate to secure critical information in email communications.
  • Challenge:

    How can manufacturing, retail, and transportation companies keep all their data safe, and yet enable email communications?
  • With MailGate:

    The Policy Engine in MailGate allows for deep inspection of all emails and all sized attachments for compliance. Encryption capabilities are heavily used to keep the data safe even while in transit. All the while protecting the organization’s email environment from outsider malicious attacks.


  • Military exchange of information requires the highest levels of encryptions and security.
  • Challenge:

    Military Grade is the highest level of security one can attain – it requires an additional set of technologies to ensure today’s encryption will withstand technology innovation over time.
  • With MailGate:

    Military organizations can opt for one level above the currently unbreakable encryption keys and/or operate in a mode of Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), all the while remaining opaque and independent of an individual’s actions.

News Outlets

  • Media and news outlets need to ensure identity protection in email communications.
  • Challenge:

    How can whistleblowers and media employees be protected from being exposed by the most powerful adversaries?
  • With MailGate:

    All MailGate services can be harnessed to randomize, anonymize, or completely erase data that could be backtracked to the sender’s identity, origin, or location. Senders can obtain the means and instructions, automatically from the system without a trace, on how to utilize encryption.

Key Stats

Cyber attacks are a huge threat, growing more widespread every year. Email is the most used attack vector for malware and credential theft.

00 %

of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email to an unexpected victim

00   billion

email messages per day is expected by 2025 — a 50% growth since 2017

00 %

of global organizations said they were the victim of some form of ransomware attack in 2021

$ 00   Million

is the average cost of a data breach

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